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Kimberly M. Chianesse
(f/k/a Kimberly M. Romeo)

Welcome!  My name is Kimberly M. Chianesse, professional organizer and proud owner of Remedy Your Chaos, LLC.  After devoting over a decade to the legal field as a paralegal, I discovered my passion and skill set for becoming a professional organizer, and decided to take a leap of faith in joining the organizational world!  To help give you a better insight as to who I am and where I come from (and hopefully remove any potential doubts of allowing a stranger into your home), allow me tell you a little bit about my myself.


✓ Bachelor's Degree, Florida International University

           Major in Psychology with specific coursework in Behavior Analysis

✓ Notary Public, State of Florida, since 2008

          Commission HH 107220

National MemberNational Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals ("NAPO")

✓ Board MemberNAPO South Florida Chapter

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My experience developed early in life when I would sort my toys by size, type, and frequent usage.  Yes, I was THAT child.  I didn't play with my barbies like most little girls did.  Instead, I would spend HOURS creating and organizing the barbies' homes.  If I still had energy afterwards, maybe I would actually play with my barbies for 10-15 minutes before taking apart their homes and creating new ones.  I was a very active child with a constant thirst for trying new sports and hobbies.  I participated in dance, cheerleading, boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, surfing, basketball, freediving, etc.  Hobbies include(d) drawing, painting, scrap-booking, playing the guitar (and sometimes the piano), singing, and of course, organizing any chaotic space in need. :)  


I was born into a Catholic household and pursued my education in Roman Catholic schools from 6th grade until high school graduation.  My awareness and love for God is primary and I strive to live a positive and loving life through His guidance.  I maintain an eclectic spirituality with an open heart and an open mind.  I am a firm believer in maintaining a spiritual balance in addition to all else if you truly strive to develop a stress-free environment.  Above all, I respect all beliefs and religions!  We were all created to coexist.  Every household has a story and I am always eager to learn more about each client's spiritual practices and traditions.

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Living Room


During my time as a paralegal, I had to learn to be organized and efficient if I were to meet my deadlines and avoid facing disgruntled clients and attorneys.  The legal field is a fast paced environment where small errors aren't always easily forgiven.  Through trial and error, I slowly became better and better at generating systems to help keep my work life in order.  These systems would not only include the physical sorting of files, documents, and work space, but managing our computer case files as well.  The constant practice of creating systems to promote efficiency within my field granted me many management and supervisory opportunities.  Once I realized how many attorneys and employees relied on me to help them in organizing their work life, I knew I needed to branch out and help others who would be experiencing the same troubles.


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NAPO South Florida Luncheon
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