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“You”, “Your(s)”, "Individual", and “Client” refer to the person(s) accepting services from Remedy Your Chaos, LLC and/or Remedy Your Resume, LLC.


"RYC" and “RYR” refer to Remedy Your Chaos, LLC and Remedy Your Resume, LLC respectively, and/or its affiliates including but not limited to: Kimberly Romeo, Natalie Romeo and any hired, independent contractor(s), if deemed necessary and approved by the Client.


“Parties” refer to both the Client and RYC and/or RYR, as referenced in the above definitions.



Any and all personal information shared with RYC and RYR is solely used for the purpose of aiding in its service to the Client and will not be shared with any person or entity not otherwise named in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise discussed with and approved by the Client. Personal information includes but is not limited to: name(s); e-mail address(es); home address(es); mobile/home/work phone number(s); and bank/credit card information. Any additional information provided to us will be at the discretion of the Client.


Exchange of information or documentation between the Parties is done solely via RYC and RYR’s e-mail accounts with Yahoo and Google ( and and/or via direct phone call, text messaging, and/or voicemails between the Parties.  The Client understands and acknowledges that RYC and RYR do not utilize any software or programs outside of Google, Yahoo, or its phone carrier to allow for secure transmissions of information nor prevent security breaches, and using these forms of communication will be done at the Client’s own risk.



RYC and RYR retain any and all communications for all intended purposes between the Parties.  Consent for retention will remain in effect even after termination of the relationship between the Parties in accordance with Florida law.



RYC and RYR may share collected information (with the exception of the aforementioned personal information) with its affiliates and/or third-parties in attempt to pursue additional research that may aid in completing its service to the Client.  The Client understands and agrees that outside communications may be established solely for the purpose of providing better services, and will further allow said communications to occur unless otherwise indicated to RYC and/or RYR in writing.  The Client may provide RYC and/or RYR with a written request for specific sharing of its information with any Individual and/or third-party at its own discretion.  RYC and RYR retains their position to approve or deny such requests should it have any potential negative affect on the outcome of the service or on RYC and RYR directly/indirectly.

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